Fee structure

One hour $400.00
One and a half hours $500.00
Two hours $600.00
Two and a half hours $700.00
Three hours $800.00

Payment is to be made before or on the day of your event.

Cash, cheque or direct credit are accepted.

Over the 20 years we have been playing we have found it has not been necessary to enter into formal written contracts with our clients and this will continue to be our policy. Verbal agreements with trust and reliability have worked to date.

We require
Four armless upright chairs to be available and a shaded area if the event is outside. Our instruments do not like direct sun or rain. Good lighting is necessary if playing inside, and an area approximately 8 feet x 8 feet.

Free unlimited consultation is available to ensure your booking is exactly to your requirements.

Before your event
It is a good idea to make contact approximately a week before your date to confirm the engagement.